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 Pictured Left to Right: RDEK CAO Shawn Tomlin, RDEK Board Chair Rob Gay, RDEK Vice Chair and Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth, former owner Hank Swartout, RDEK Engineering Services Manager Brian Funke.


Advocating for the Columbia Valley since 2008

Working effectively as an elected representative for the Valley, in my view, means understanding the diverse issues that affect the residents and tax-payers of a surprisingly large number of rural communities, including communities surrounding Columbia Lake in the south, Fairmont Hot Springs, Windermere, Toby Benches and Panorama Mountain Village.  In fact, of our 6 East Kootenay Electoral Areas, Area F boundary marks the largest in square kilometers; notably, priorities vary from community to community. I take great pride in my work of the past decade as elected member of the RDEK Board. Many new programs have been introduced to accompany traditional services throughout my Area, with millions of funding dollars for a wide variety of public projects have been granted. Further, I have chaired dozens of public hearings on hundreds of varied applications on land usage.  My decisions have been founded on a publicly-approved vision for the region as well as the education I have gained from meetings and informal coffee chats with constituents and neighbours. Experience has also proven a great teacher. In 2012, an unexpected mudslide after heavy snowfall and wet spring brought home the importance of mitigation, emergency management programs and environmental policies that continue to be a focus of much of my work today.

The Valley is the heart of my work and also my home. 



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Current Topics of Interest

the introduction of legalized cannabis        

We are working to provide a sound foundation for the regulation and safe implementation of legalized cannabis that reflects the Province's goals for public health and safety, particularly for children and youth. The province will be working to launch education and awareness campaigns that complement federal efforts and ensure broad public awareness of the provincial rules before they come into force.                                                                        

our national parks

Today, the National Parks are seen only through an ecological lens. While respecting and maintaining the parks is of the utmost importance, when fires burn wildly and proper fuel management is not implemented, the need for more emphasis on social and economic values becomes clear.

Resource industries and transportation

From highways to pipelines and everything in between, I believe in getting our resources to market so the benefits may be enjoyed. The Trans-Canada from Golden to Revelstoke needs to be a top priority, for the safety of travelers and the economic corridor for goods and services. The mining industry is also of the highest importance to those in my riding, and is just as important to me.